About the Rafa Nadal Academy Experience

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The Rafa Nadal Academy opened its doors at the end of 2016 with the goal of offering high-quality tennis training programs to juniors and adults alike. The programs are carried out by the coaches of the Rafa Nadal Academy lead by Toni Nadal, which follows an exclusive training methodology that is based on the many years of experience that Rafa Nadal and his team have gathered over their years on the ATP circuit. Avanza Sports is the official partner of Rafa Nadal Academy and we orchestrate the complete tennis experiences for players. With the increasing demand, to cater to the players we decided to partner with one of the best players of this generation. A role model for many, Rafa Nadal who has a decorated career and achieved numerous success because of his style of play.

Our partnership with the Rafa Nadal Academy involves the introduction of the Academy and its programs to the US and Canadian markets. The values that have made Rafa Nadal one of the most recognized athletes in the sport are the same values that are instilled throughout all training programs. We are also working with the Academy to promote programs in Mallorca, Cancun and Greece. We at Avanza Sports alongside the Rafa Nadal Academy will help players learn under the same methodology that has helped Rafa Nadal to become the player he is today.

Currently we offer the RAFA NADAL EXPERIENCE with the JUNIOR PROGRAM and the CANCUN EXPERIENCE will be launching soon.

The Rafa Nadal Junior Program organized by Avanza Sports is created for young players who are looking to enjoy an unforgettable experience at one of the best performance sports centres in the world. Players at the Summer Tennis Camp will improve their technique, physical fitness, and on-court skills while enjoying multiple leisure activities in Mallorca. The program also aims to educate participants through sport with sessions led by coaches from the Rafa Nadal Academy. The players will receive lessons on nutrition, fitness training, and values such as hard work, humility, tolerance, patience, respect, and integrity.

The full Rafa Nadal Experience includes six days of training at the state-of-the-art tennis complex, attending the ATP Tour Master 1000 Tournament in Madrid, and the option to choose between three of Spain’s most beautiful destinations to visit: Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca. The brand-new sporting facilities at the Rafa Nadal Academy are all equipped with the latest technology for you to grow as a player and create an unforgettable experience. These include 27 clay courts, a fitness centre, regulations Muti-sport courts, restaurants and cafes, sports clinics and the world-recognized American International School in Mallorca.

The ATP Tour Master 1000 in Madrid is the second highest tier of men’s and women’s tennis tournaments after the four Grand Slam tournaments and the ATP Finals. Players will have the opportunity to see three  sessions where top-level mens and womens tennis players will be fighting to lift the most recognized tennis trophy in Spain.

The Rafa Nadal Academy Junior Program is a unique opportunity for tennis, fun, leisure, and values to be brought together at a campus that will be shared by children from all over the world.

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