Avanza FC Residential Program in Barcelona

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Avanza FC Academy Residential Program in Barcelona! Using the innovative European program and methodologies, we prepare and elevate athletes for success by developing their mindset, on and off the pitch. Avanza FC brings together technical and football professionals from the highest standards, providing the unique experiences to players in one of the most extraordinary cities in Europe. Our programs and experiences are built for our athletes to take full advantage of world-class programs, allowing them to reach the level required to play at the highest official competition in the world.

The goal of our Residential Program is to not only deliver top quality sport program to our students but also help them become better students, develop themselves as athletes and as human beings. In a partnership with Hamelin-Laie, we are able to deliver a perfect combination of an elite football program and excellence in academics.

Avanza FC Residency puts a special focus on players’ development. Training programs are individualized with the objective of reaching player’s potential and growing their natural talent. Our goal is to ensure that all players return to their home countries with the highest level of football skills they can achieve. By combining modern and European training methodologies, we develop players through a philosophy that always emphasizes the team: the collective game.

Avanza FC Academy offers a variety of programs for athlete including short term and long term programs. The short term programs range from 1 week to 3 months, while the long term range from 6 months to the full year.

‘We are very excited with how successful this first season has been. A season full of challenges and learning. Our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience to our students and to give them access to a very diverse and innovative program where every player will be able to explore what opportunities the football industry can bring to them. I am amazed to see how the players have integrated themselves in a new routine with an intensive football and school schedule, and with the addition of meeting new international and local people and discovering their new space for living, studying and growing.’ – Diego Neila, Project Manager

Our UEFA Pro Licensed Technical Director, Jordi Solleone is leading a team of accredited sports professionals: coaches, sports scientists, health and wellness professionals. Jordi has an extensive career in coaching soccer. He was previously with FCBarcelona for five years, working his way up from head coach to Technical Director in the Barca Academy system, leading the Barca Academy Dubai.

‘So far the players have enjoyed the football experience while also visiting attractions like La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a weekend trip to the mountains in La Cerdanya, a weekend trip to Madrid and watching local professional soccer teams in action. Taking into consideration that they are training 7 times per week and combining it with the exigency of an IB Program, their improvement is very significant in such a short time. Their game has reached a different level already and they are enjoying it day after day.’ – Jordi Solleone, Technical Director 

A team of multilingual and dedicated faculty ensure a high level of academic instruction. Our athletes will be studying under the mentorship of Marc Andreu, the Pedagogical Director. Marc is available to students and families at all times.

Just 15 minutes from Barcelona, Hamelin-Laie is proud of its educational excellence. The multilingual International Baccalaureate program utilizes diverse learning methods involving new technologies, music, art, sport. This comprehensive educational project focuses on current and relevant social and professional demands and is designed to provide the student an all-round schooling. Hamelin-Laie International have prepared an online Academic High School Program. The program is adapted to the players’ needs and following a North American High School System. It is tailor-made for those who require a specific curriculum, more suitable to their goals. The program gives our students the opportunity to learn multiple languages and acquire high school credits targeted to their professional ambitions. A tutor and academic counsellor will accompany the student-athlete during his entire academic process.

The football program is based on an academy structure; giving access to team practices, weekly competitions, and analytics. Our Sports Scientist ensures that the players always have access to optimum health, nutrition, mental and physical support to perform at their highest. The residency players will experience an immersive football experience with national and international tournaments, games, clinics and travels. Thanks to our global network, players are provided with opportunities to achieve the career goals they aspire towards. We offer support with professional pathways, college placement opportunities and vocational opportunities.

 ‘Our young lass had such an incredible experience! The coaching was outstanding, improving her game both tactically and technically, and there were some fabulous experiences off the pitch as well. The boys and coaches really made her feel at home in the Residence, and the level of support and communication we received throughout from everyone involved was exceptional. A truly fantastic opportunity that we highly recommend to any young player.’ Cassandra, Australia 

‘An outstanding program which let my son live his dream in playing soccer in Barcelona and studying there in one of the best schools. The amazing work of the team of professionals made him a much stronger and dedicated player and this great experience he will carry for the rest of his life in his future learning and further development. The cultural experience in exploring Spain with his team also greatly contributed to his knowledge of the world and life appreciation. We thank you all for the wonderful work you do!’ – Natalia, Canada
‘This program is about giving young people an amazing soccer experience while they develop skills at school and in life. Becoming a professional soccer player is hard but this program provides with a unique set of social, academic and sport skills that they can transfer to any walk of life and still be successful.  The staff is caring, professional and passionate about soccer. We highly recommend this program to everyone.’ –Victor, Canada

Barcelona is one of the most unique places to live in Europe. A vibrant city with a variety of activities, a strong cultural background, beautiful weather and the best youth football environment in the world. Boasting five world-class football clubs, players enjoy monthly activities such as viewing La Liga games live, visiting Football training grounds and discovering cultural attractions in the city.

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