What is Avanza

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We are a global company based in North America which was founded in 2017, whose main goal is to bring together fans, followers, brands, sponsors and stakeholders to projects that are fun and provide tangible results. We have a direct presence and local partnerships in seven countries across the globe. What we specialize in is bringing fans and the media together with sponsors, brands and stakeholders in the sports world, with the desire to make all those involved in the process smile with a sense of accomplishment.

Our projects benefit society at large. We integrate economic and social needs into all of  the activities that we host. We have created a scholarship foundation for those who are less privileged but show they have the talent and desire to succeed in sports. Our main goal is to use sports as the vehicle to social development. Sport has the potential to change lives, promote a healthy lifestyle, educate, foster social inclusion, and increasing the livelihood of the underprivileged.

Real Madrid Foundation 

Our passion for sport is ingrained in everything we do. Currently at Avanza, we are partnered with two of the biggest brands in the sports world, Real Madrid Soccer Club and Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. We create and host Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Camps across the United States every summer where the participants are taught the Real Madrid Methodology. To date, over 60,000 players have successfully completed the Real Madrid Camps across the globe. From those camps, we offer selected players the opportunity of a lifetime – to travel to the Spanish capital and train on the very grounds that the Madrid players train themselves. For more information on the Real Madrid Experience and Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Camps follow the links.

Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy

Our partnership with the Rafa Nadal Academy involves the introduction of the Academy and its programs to the US, and Canadian markets, in which tennis is rising in popularity by the day! The values that have made Rafa Nadal one of the most recognized athletes in the sport as well as in the sporting world, are the same values that are instilled throughout all training programs. Avanza offers those who love the sport of tennis as much as we do the chance of a lifetime to travel to any of the three international academies in Mallorca, Cancun and Greece. For more information about the Rafa Nadal Academy and the tennis experience itself follow the link.

Our passion for results is evident to the brands we partner with. Our desire is to provide outstanding experiences for our brands and their clients, while building awareness and increasing their market positioning. 

At Avanza we don’t want to just be part of the change, we want to lead the change!

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