Real Madrid Foundation Camps 2021

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During the 2021 summer season, Avanza Sports along with the Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Camps held 20 across the United States. Avanza Sports is incredibly proud to have been able to successfully deliver the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics in a bounce back fashion. Our journey started in Phoenix, Arizona and made its way across the country, ending in San Diego with our residential program. Throughout our journey across the country, we had the pleasure of successfully bringing the Real Madrid methodology and knowledge to over 2,000 youth soccer players. Stay tuned for the upcoming Real Madrid Experience in Spain, in which players from our camps were selected to have the experience of a lifetime and train in the same facilities that their idols do on a daily basis.

During each of the 20 camps, the players learned the methodology through training sessions, something the first team coaches and players do themselves. At the end of each day, players competed against each other to test the skills and tactics they had learned earlier on in the day, something that the players looked forward to most. Our staff had the privilege of assessing some of the finest soccer talents in the States, while also getting to know their caring and humorous sides.

See some of the feedback we got from participants and their parents below!

“As a Real Madrid fan myself, I could not be more proud to be part of this event in my city. My kids enjoyed and learned a lot and hopefully we will be able to repeat next summer!” – Wichita

“Top professionals and one of the best soccer events I have participated in the US so far. Definitely recommend it to everybody who likes soccer no matter which club they support.” – San Francisco

“Due to Covid my son became a bit unmotivated to train or play soccer. After the Real Madrid camp he has found his motivation and love for the sport again. I enjoy seeing him excited about playing again. He loved the camp.” – Philadelphia

“An immersive experience with an engaged staff for hours of fun soccer play. My son could not get enough.” – Nashville

“The program made in a way kids in any level can enjoy and learn in positive environment created by coach.” – Seattle

We would like to thank every player and all the parents that shared our Real Madrid summer camp experience this year. It was amazing, incredible and unforgettable! We hope that you enjoyed this summer as much as we did teaching, playing football and making new friends all across the USA under the Real Madrid flag!

“The Real Madrid methodology and values were proudly implemented throughout 19 different cities, 14 different states and over 2000 players, by our dedicated and experienced coaches”, observed our Project Manager Ander Urkidi, “Seeing a kid smile in practice while learning and making new friends is the most rewarding experience I take.”

We look forward to seeing everyone again the next year with your friends at our Real Madrid Foundation Camp 2022 with even more camps coming!

To see the full photo gallery of our Real Madrid Foundation Camps 2021 visit our Facebook page!

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