Avanza Sports is proud to be the official partner of the Real Madrid Foundation Camps in the United States. Together we bring the Real Madrid Methodology and training to youth players from the US clinics with selected training technics that are taught by official Real Madrid coaches. The Real Madrid Foundation Residential Program is for those players that are looking to have a 100% football experience in one of the best facilities of North America and under one worlds most renowned coaching styles.

Residential Program players will train at the state-of-the-art Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, which is home to some of the world’s best training and competition venues. The venue is the official training site for the US Olympic and Paralympic teams. It has hosted numerous professional soccer team training camps as well as international representations like the US National Team and Mexico’s National Team, as well as hosting many international friendly matches.

Located just outside the city on the edge of Lower Otay Lake, the training facility is not only state-of-the-art in terms of its equipment, but also provides a gorgeous backdrop with the mountains in the background, along with Otay Lake. Brick paths lead you to different training areas where you can overlook the athletes doing what they love best.

Players will be a part of Real Madrid Foundation Soccer camps during the day as well as experience a wide variety of different activities in the evening. These activities and seminars will be centered around athlete development and touch on topics such as nutrition, physical preparation and testing, workout recovery, team building and much more.  Participants will learn about themselves as an athlete and leave with the tools necessary to further their performance. The program focuses both on the on-field performance aspect as well as the off-field sessions that are necessary for the complete experience.

Recovery Session 

Recovery sessions will focus on common practices and techniques to help players recover after every training session. Topics and demonstrations will include stretching, foam-rolling, inflammation reduction, myofascial release and more.

Team Building 

Problem solving oriented and trust based activates will help “break the ice” and increase team cohesiveness. These activities and games will give the participants an opportunity to introduce themselves to one another and become comfortable with their new teammates and staff. 

Strength and Conditioning. 

It is important for soccer players to strive for a high level of athleticism to perform well and prevent injuries. Our program will define certain fitness baselines for each athlete on day one. Concepts will be introduced throughout the week that will teach the participants how to build on their areas of weakness and maintain their strengths

Tactical Session

Our program will give players an introduction into the fundamentals of football tactics and provide players with a detailed breakdown of the phases of the game. Position specific analysis will help players better understand the roles and responsibilities throughout all moments in the match.


Meals are served in the dining hall which boasts panoramic lake views. The menu is performance-driven and planned in advance by the CVEATC executive chef and elite athlete nutritionists. Athletes will learn about proper practices when it comes to fuelling for and recovering from training or matches. Participants will get an understanding of the science and importance of good nutrition. 

See some of the feedback we got from 2019 participants below!

‘The accommodations were amazing and meals were healthy. Yes I would definitely recommend the camp, you can easily make friends and the training sessions were fun. It helped me improve my passes, skills and movement. You will enjoy it!’

‘What I enjoyed the most about the camp were the training sessions they help me improve and they were fun.’

‘I learned how to know where to move, so I can ask for the ball.’

‘The accommodations were amazing! You can just relax after a tough practice. They also had a really fun place to chill and play games such as pool, ping  pong, video-games, etc.’

‘The food was good and healthy. They also had deserts that were good as well.’

‘You can easily make friends and the training sessions were fun and helps you on your passes and skills. You will enjoy it!’

We look thank all those that participated in the Real Madrid Foundation Residential Program in 2019, and forward to seeing everyone again the next year with your friends at our Real Madrid Foundation Camp 2020!

To learn more about the Residential Program in San Diego send us a message at info@realmadridcamps.com!

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