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Real Madrid Foundation Camps 2019

During the 2019 summer season, Avanza Sports along with the Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Camps held 11 across the Untied States. Our journey started in Nashville, Tennessee and made its way across to the western coast, ending in Portland, Oregon. Throughout our journey across the country, we had the pleasure of successfully bringing the Real Madrid methodology and knowledge to over 1,000 youth players.

During each of the 11 camps the players learned the methodology through training sessions, something the first team coaches and players do themselves. At the end of each day, players competed against each other to test the skills and tactics they had learned earlier on in the day, something that the players looked forward to most.

Our staff, along with the Real Madrid coaching staff had the privilege of assessing some of the finest soccer talents in the States, while also getting to know their caring and humerus sides. Boy did the coaches have a hard time selecting those to travel to Madrid for their exclusive Real Madrid Experience!

“It was evident that in each city, fans of Real Madrid had the chance to get closer to the team of their dreams and feel a part of the Real Madrid family. Local staff, volunteers and parents that we worked with were overwhelmingly helpful and compassionate,” observed our Project Manager Noah Mar. “Their dedication to growing the sport of soccer and giving the youth opportunities is great to see. Players were very well mannered and eager to learn from the methodology that has given their idols so much success.” Noah goes on to mention a specific moment during this summer that brought the most satisfaction to our staff. “At our San Diego Camp we found a player who was in a difficult position possessing a higher level of technical ability than others in his group. On the first day, this player emerged as a leader by being considerate to the other players and making an effort to try and elevate their game. This player was eventually moved into an age group that providing a higher level of stimulation for his development. This is what the Real Madrid Foundation is all about, bringing the opportunity to everyone, regardless of their situation in life.”

“For me it was extremely demanding and such a challenge, but at the end of the day, watching all the kids enjoying and learning, not only soccer but values of life from us, makes it 100% worth,” says Project Manager Nicolas Perez. “The Real Madrid Staff always helped each camp group overcome their first day jitters and breakdown any hesitations that they may have had. I cannot wait for next year’s clinics!”

See some of the feedback we got from participants and their parents below!

Great training and fresh ships were made.SANDRA JAMALI, CHARLESTON

Great coaches that create a positive learning environment.– BRANDON OWENS, BALTIMORE

Great caring staff with amazing talent! Our son learned so much in 5 days. We highly recommend this clinics fro everyone. Thank you all from our humble coaching and amazing development of our son!.– JAMES-JENNIFER PATCHEN

Great training! My son enjoyed the training!! It was a great experience to be part of Real Madrid Foundation Clinic.– JACKELINE MENDEZ, KANSAS

Fantastic camp. Learned and had fun! Great experience.– JIM WILMOTH, OREGON

We would like to thank every player and all the parents that shared our Real Madrid summer camp experience this year. It was amazing, incredible and unforgettable! We hope that you enjoyed this summer as much as much we did teaching, playing football and making new friends all across USA under the Real Madrid flag!

We look forward to seeing everyone again the next year with your friends at our Real Madrid Foundation Camp 2020!