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Yes, Avanza Sports will provide a chaperone 24/7 while in Madrid. We will pick the player up at the airport on the first day and drop the player on the last day of the program. You are responsible to book the “unaccompanied minor service” with the airline company for the player.

Avanza Sports staff will be waiting just outside the arrivals area at the Madrid – Barajas airport at terminals 1 and 4 on the first day of the program. You will see us as you arrive with Avanza and Real Madrid Foundation Roll-Ups.

Most cell phones won’t work in Europe because they need to be triband and have a European provider. But if they work, making and receiving phone calls will be more expensive than usual.

The electricity supply in Spain is different than in the United States so we suggest you travel with an adaptor or converter.

Yes, the family package for siblings under 3 years old is $625

Only applicable to the day parents are allowed at Valdebebas facility.

Yes, the players will have free time between the activities to rest, to do homework, study or read.

Yes, you are responsible for booking the flights for the player and the family members joining the program.

Yes, it is required to have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining to travel to Madrid. It is your responsibility to have a valid passport before joining the program.

All players must have their own medical coverage. The organization provides only excess coverage (does not cover deductibles) after your insurance policy has been utilized.

You should land in Madrid on Saturday, between 7AM-12PM. During this period of time Avanza will provide transportation in different shuttles during those hours depending on the arrivals of the families and players.

Avanza will provide 2 or 3 shuttle times based on the departure flight time of the players attending the Madrid Experience.

Yes, you can, but Avanza Sports will not provide transportation from/to the airport.

Avanza Sports will only provide transportation from Madrid – Barajas Airport (MAD), terminal 1 and 4 (for those arriving in Terminal 2 and 3 you should walk in the corridor to terminal 1)

Avanza Sports staff will be waiting just outside the arrivals area at the Madrid – Barajas airport at terminal 1 on the first day of the program (November 18th). You will see us as you arrive.

No, the players will stay in the player’s residence and the family members joining the experience will need to look for their own accommodation. Avanza Sports can advise you on the best areas to stay.

The players will be only roomed with players of their gender. The rooms will be for 4,6 or 8 players and they will be supervised by the chaperones sleeping on the same floor.

Their chaperones will be with them 24/7.

The chaperones are qualified staff from Spain, bilingual and all of them have passed an official police background check in order to work with the players.

Yes, players will eat together as a team and be supervised by their chaperone at the athlete’s residence. If the parents want to have the players for a meal out, that should be notified to their chaperone and they will be responsible to get the players in time for the next activity in the program.

This is completely optional and is their personal responsibility. We encourage the use of cards as opposed to cash, however if cash is preferred we advise that you check the exchange rates.

Avanza Sports will ensure every food allergy is well taken care of and the player still receives a nutritious Mediterranean meal three times a day. It is very important that you provide the allergies or special needs of the player to Avanza Sports prior to the start of the program. *Note that family members are not allowed to stay in the players’ residence and will need to be in contact with their chaperone when picking up and dropping the player at the residence during the week

Avanza Sports suggests players to bring their football equipment in a carry-on bag in order to avoid any delays if in the unfortunate event a bag gets lost during transit.

Yes, each player will receive 1 Real Madrid Training kit (jersey, shorts and socks), 1 Avanza Sports Game kit (jersey, shorts and socks) and 1 Avanza Sports Travel kit ( T-shirt, pants, zip jacket and backpack). Depending on the weather conditions players can receive a rainy jacket/winter jacket and thermal under t-shirt.

Players will receive their uniforms and travel kits once they arrive in Madrid.

Avanza Sports is not responsible if a player loses an item of the clothing. Therefore we will not be able to supply any additional kit. You will be able to purchase extra gear if that happens.

All the players will get their uniforms washed at least one time during the week, both the training kits and the game kits.

No, all the training and game material will be provided by Real Madrid and the Spanish soccer clubs. You will receive a “what to bring” list prior to the start of the experience.

The Official Real Madrid training sessions will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Real Madrid coaches will analyze and summarize all the concepts learnt at the end of each practice session.

The games will be played in turf grass, 7vs7 or 8vs8 and the matches will be 20-25 minutes per half.

All the players and families with package can join the activities with the group.

They can only attend the friendly games but they will need to arrange their own transportation. The Real Madrid practice at Ciudad Deportiva Real Madrid is only for family member package.

Families who have purchased the family package will receive a wristband that they will need to wear during the experience. The wristband gives you access to all the activities and transfers during the week. Our staff will give you the wristband on the first day of the program.

The exact day and time for the La Liga game is released by LaLiga some 2-3 weeks before the date of the game, as it depends on the TV rights. This affects the rest of the cultural activities, as we determine the timing for both of the weekends in accordance with this game so that the different activities do not overlap.

Information on this matter will be sent to you by email, informing the exact time and place where you can collect the tickets for the games.

The tickets provided by the clubs for big groups are assigned depending on the availability for each game. We receive the tickets between 48 and 24 hours before the game and assign the tickets trying to put families and players within consecutive seats. In case that there are no consecutive seats available we will assign the nearest seat.

Players and families will have a full day off during the experience to do as they wish.

No, due to internal and hotel policy, it is not allowed to bring food from inside the hotel. Players will have a varied menu at their disposal in buffet-style format during every meal.

No, the players must stay with the team during the whole experience because for us it is very important the group cohesion and we believe it is a fundamental part of their development, for this reason we have introduced Family Day for them to do the activities you like the most.

Yes, LaLiga game can happen on your day of arrival. That is why you should land on the previous date and hour mentioned.

Yes, families are responsible for booking all the necessary travel arrangements, including the visa (if needed).