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In the heart of Madrid, 121 young football enthusiasts embarked on a 10-day soccer experience, marked by high-quality training at Real Madrid’s sports city, friendly matches against local teams, stadium tours, a friendly tournament, and a visit to the Wanda Metropolitano. This journey was more than just a soccer camp; it was an opportunity for skill development, cultural exchange, and the formation of lasting connections.

Days 1-3: Real Madrid’s Sports City ⚽️

The immersive experience began with focused training sessions at Real Madrid’s sports city. Coaches imparted valuable skills, utilizing state-of-the-art facilities to nurture talent.

Days 4-5: Friendly Matches 🔴

Friendly matches against local teams provided a platform for practical application of learned techniques, fostering healthy competition and intercultural interaction.


Days 6-7: Stadium Tours and Friendly Tournament 🏟🏆

Stadium tours at Santiago Bernabéu and Wanda Metropolitano offered insights into the rich history of soccer. The journey culminated in a friendly tournament, emphasizing teamwork and skill development.

Day 8: Wanda Metropolitano Experience 👀

The group witnessed a live match at the Wanda Metropolitano, providing a firsthand glimpse into the intensity and passion of professional soccer.




Day 9: Farewell Dinner 👋

The journey concluded with a reflective farewell dinner, acknowledging the bonds formed during the trip and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of the participants.

Day 10: The Beginning of Good Friendships 🎁

As participants departed, they carried not only enhanced soccer skills but also the beginnings of lasting international friendships—a testament to the unifying power of the sport.